Thursday, 21 July 2011

Mold a problem in many homes

Mold is unsightly. It can be hazardous, and it can be growing in your home right now.

Discovering mold

Mold is an all-natural substance found throughout nature. Mold spores are microscopic and can be found in the dust that forms indoors, and it’s impossible to keep them from invading a home. However, it is possible to prevent the conditions that help mold proliferate into a problem.
In order to grow, mold only needs a few easily achieved conditions: moisture and a food source. Food can be just about any material on which mold can grow, be it furniture, walls or floors. Mold prefers temperatures around 75 F and humidity levels of 70 percent. Generally these are the ideal conditions in a home.

Health implications

Health effects from mold can vary from person to person. Some individuals might experience coughing, wheezing, nasal and throat conditions as a result of mold in the home. Those with asthma or other breathing difficulties might find their breathing issues worsen. People with compromised immune systems might experience serious fungal respiratory infections. Severe cases might require hospitalization.

Keeping a home mold-free

Due to the far-reaching nature of mold, homeowners must be diligent in their inspections for mold indoors. Because moisture and warmth are the key ingredients to mold growth, eliminating the ideal environment is essential to keeping mold under control.
• Seek out leaks or other water infiltration and correct the problems.
• Use ventilation fans or open windows in the bathroom during and after showers.
• Don’t leave standing water.
• Check for mold odours and see if mold is hiding behind walls or under carpeting.
• Ensure dryers and other combustion appliances are vented outdoors.
• Use a dehumidifier in the home if humidity is a constant problem.
• Keep the home cool.

Treating mold problems

A homeowner can generally treat a small patch of mold with bleach or even vinegar if it is present on bathroom or kitchen tiles. Carpets can be treated with baking soda.
Some areas affected by mold growth will have to be removed; they cannot be cleaned. Drywall is one such material.
Because mold spores can be spread throughout the air, it may be a good idea to leave mold remediation to a professional. A company experienced in mold cleanup will take the precautions necessary to properly dispose of mold-infested materials and prevent the disturbance of mold that can cause spores to spread.

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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Environmental Testing

In addition to a visual inspection, our staff use a variety of highly sensitive instruments to help us determine the underlying causes of a buildings poor indoor air quality as well as to look for evidence of moisture intrusion and mold growth.

Is your property suffering from poor air circulation, foul odours or sick building syndrome? Does your home have poor indoor air quality? Or even worse been used as a marijuana grow op or meth lab?

Our team of certified and experienced Indoor Air quality professionals can perform a proper indoor air quality assessment to determine the causes and outline recommendations that can quickly restore the air quality in your home or office environment.

Our staff will perform a thorough inspection or your property using state of the art equipment and instrumentation. In fact, in order to do a mould inspection properly, an indoor air quality assessment should be performed first and this will assist in deciding what type of laboratory analysis is appropriate and what laboratory facility the samples should be taken to.

Don't be fooled by companies that claim to perform these services for rock bottom prices….buyer beware….A proper assessment requires 10's of thousands of dollars in high tech equipment and proper training and experience.

Indoor Environmental

Indoor Air Quality Assessments and Testing for Mould

We use a variety of highly sensitive instruments to help us determine the underlying causes of a buildings poor indoor air quality.
Visual Inspection of the building for evidence of moisture intrusion and visible signs of mould growth.
  • Moisture Meters to determine if walls, floors and ceilings show signs of active moisture problems.
  • Air Quality Testing to determine air patterns and relative humidity in the building which could lead to mould issues.
  • Airborne Laser Particle Counters to determine which areas of the building show the highest dust load (which could be mould spores)
  • MVOC meters (Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds) to determine off gassing levels for mould in the indoor environment.
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras to locate hidden moisture issues inside wall cavities without any holes, marks or other destructive techniques.
  • Viable Laboratory Testing by way of drawing air (living mould spores) into a petri dish with an agar solution that will grow active mould spores.
  • Non-Viable Mould Sampling by way of drawing air (dead mould spores) into a spore trap which will identify mould spores that have either died, dried up or have been killed by a biocide.
  • Tape lift sampling for source identification.
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Friday, 10 June 2011

Enviro-Green Partnership - Wordpress

Enviro-Green Partnership

DSG is proud to announce the partnership with Enviro-Green Faclity Services.

Enviro-Green Facility Services mission is to provide green cleaning techniques and products to a customer driven need to promote true environmental safe measures for it`s client workspace.

This concept has been a prominent discussion in the workplace and condominiums for years and with the industry developing safe equipment and products for the cleaning industry, we can now achieve results in service that can be truly responsible to the environment.

To provide customer satisfaction utilizing the latest products and equipment with fully trained staff and supervision.

To adopt green cleaning as part of the overall strategy to produce healthy and safe environments in a way that simultaneously reduces impact on the environment.
To adopt green certified soaps and paper products to eliminate or reduce harmful chemicals where possible as well as utilizing recycled content products.
To operate under guidelines from WHMIS providing our cleaning service in a manner respectful of our clients, staff and the environment.
To provide immediate 24-7 direct communication customer service.
To provide high standards, dedicated Management, and cost efficient services with a high level of quality assurance.